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Our design process is simple and exciting. You're in control! Start by choosing the hat style that suits you best. Do you prefer a classic and elegant hat or something bold and eye-catching? Once you've selected the base style, it's time to add your personal touch. From choosing the color and type of fabric to adding embellishments, embroidery, and trimmings, every detail is in your hands.


Borsalino Costum Made Hat

  • S = 6 7/8" to 7" or 55cm to 56cm

    M = 7 1/8" to 7 1/4 or 57cm to 58cm

    L = 7 3/8" to 7 1/2 or 59cm to 60cm

    XL = 7 5/8" to 7 3/4" or 61cm to 62cm

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